Danny Goodwin of searchenginejournal.com enlightened us with Important 2022 Social Media Trends in January this year.

Summarized as below:

  • Connection + Community + Experience – Think about who is your audience & what their interests and challenges are. Channel into groups and community thinking. Create authentic relevant engaging content. Engagement, engagement engagement!
  • Authentic Influencers – Social media users become more and more aware of the limitations an influencer depicts when contracted into a brand. Users are looking for authenticity.
  • Diversify with TikTok, Reddit & More – Make sure you are keeping up to speed with new platforms in the social media market. “Organic reach on TikTok is like nothing we’ve ever seen. It’s better than even the early days of Facebook,” Brandon Doyle, CEO & Founder, Wallaroo Media
  • Reimagine Social Analytics – Make sure the data analysis you use is real and relevant, not just creatively presented numbers to make ROI look like something it authentically isn’t.
  • Use Employee Advocacy to Your Advantage – Your best and most authentic user generated content would be from employees. The brand trust that creates will power your brand.
  • Get Creative: Stop Being Boring! – “in 2022, start being interesting and stop using your social media as a place where you stand on a box and shout ads at people” Engage with being creative about value addition.
  • Stories 2.0 – Two words: Ephemeral Content. What does it mean? Social media content that is only available for a limited amount of time and then disappears. Like? Instagram Stories.
  • YouTube & Video – Moving content captures audiences, enough said.
  • Leverage UGC – “Encourage your audience to tag your brand in social posts by always reposting and/or featuring that UGC. Comment and interact with your audience regularly. Run contests that drive UGC.” – Kristi Kellogg, CEO, and Founder, Dazzling Digital.