Massive Dynamics is a Digital Media Agency and in light of the Corona virus outbreak, we asked ourselves a cheeky question.

Question: Is Coronavirus more viral or Social Media?

Here are the figures:

At the end of 2018, Social Media users were 2.32 bn and at the end of 2019 they were 2.4 bn. An increase of 180 users mn during the year. An average increase of about half a million (493,151) additional  users of social media per day.

Corona virus’s current number is 102,230 from when we started count at 0 (22nd Jan 2020) 43 days ago. An exact average increase of just 2,377 per day.

493,151 social media users increase per day divided by 2,377 corona cases increase per day is  207.44.

Answer: Social media is nearly 210 times times more viral than the Coronavirus!

Social media captures 20,000 more users every hour, nearly 325 more users per minute. What does that mean though and what makes it so much more viral than a viral flu!

Massive Dynamics-What Is More Viral? Corona Or Social Media?!

So, what is it about social media that makes it spread faster than a flu? In 2019, Social Media grew by 210 times more resilience than the current coronavirus outbreak.

Social media captures 20,000 additional users every hour. That’s nearly 325 users per minute. What does that mean though and what makes it so much more viral than a viral flu!

All the following reasons are based on one basic feature of social media.

There are so many factors that affect social media usage

  • Smart phones are getting more and more accessible. Even in rural areas of developing countries where potential for growth is exponential.
  • Internet accessibility and users are on the rise for both developing and developed countries. The trend looks no where near changing.
  • Key indicator to that one thing that drives the spread, more and more time is being spent on social media every day by users.
  • The need for people to feel connected, but without the responsibility of maintaining a real human connection.
  • Even older people can’t resist the pull of their smart phones. I wouldn’t be surprised if parents of sub-continent starting accepting the latest tab in place of traditional gifts like jewelry and sponsored travel.
  • Volume referencing like we have never referenced before.

Why does it keep infecting more and more and people, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, culture?

The underlying driver for the exponential spread of social media:

Social Media is intrinsically addictive. The science has been there for ages now. Just look that topic up, it’s all over the internet and social media.